About Us

Issuer Services is a cloud-based company that delivers enabling technologies to workflow processes in the compliance and reporting worlds.

Our mission is simple -

Enable vast groups of people in a social ecosystem with the ability to create, collaborate and comply.

The Compliance Cloud is a secure community-based real-time web platform that exemplifies the characteristics of what cloud computing truly is...

  • Agility - the capability of rapidly and efficiently adapting to changes.

  • Multi-tenancy - the ability to scale architectures beyond single user, key our cloud concept and mission.

  • Reliability - a critical component and process mapped to our compliance and redundancy.

  • Scalability - a near real-time workflow system that elastically grows based on user demand.

  • Security - a trusted secure network that protects vital information in a centralized data repository.


"I felt the XBRL access and review process were very easy to use."

Mary Beth - OTCBB listed Company

"Having a dedicated team to walk us through the build process was unbelievably helpful."

Victor - NASDAQ listed Company

"We took advantage of the 30 day grace for our first XBRL - Issuer Services was just amazing!"

Tom - OTCBB listed Company

"Having the Cloud team as my back-up, gives me the peace of mind and confidence knowing the same speed and accuracy with be there."

Kathi - SEC Filing Agent, South Florida

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