Cloud Services

Each year, thousands of companies make the decision to implement cloud-based solutions, many of which cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year per user. Issuer Services – Compliance Cloud empowers finance, accounting and other business executives with the next generation of interactive reporting that leverages the industry-leading workflow technologies of the Issuer Service Cloud.

XBRL Tagging

Issuer Services has carefully designed and constructed the best of breed, proprietary back office system that tags, analyzes, validates and reports in a user-friendly workflow interface we call our Reviewer's Guide. Our collaborative technology enables reporting professionals to comment, lock version and share updates and changes with working groups without having to learn complex taxonomies, all in real time.

Under our brand QX Interactive (QXi) we have fast become a market leader in back office interactive tagging and instance creation. Contact us today to learn how our Issuer Services team can help.

Our Advantages:

  • Cost Effective               
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Accountable
  • 99.7% delivery satisfaction record
  • Dedicated team of CPA’s and accounting professionals on staff
  • Industry-leading reviewers guide

To learn more about XBRL and the US GAAP Taxonomy Preparers Guide (Click here)

  Block Tagging Detailed Tagging
Initial Taxonomy Mapping X X
Document Entity Information X X
Consolidated Balance Sheets X X
Consolidated Balance Sheets (Parenthetical) X X
Consolidated Statements of Operations X X
Consolidated Statements of Operations (Parenthetical) X X
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows X X
Statement of Sockholders' Equity X X
Notes to Financial Statements X X
Initial Tagging of Notes to Financial Statements*   X
Notes Tables   X
Notes Details   X
All Reports X X
SEC Validation/Testing X X
SEC Filings Data Feed** Optional Optional
* Beginning with Year 2 filings, the Notes to the Financial Statements will need detailed tagging
** Optional, but required by SEC to post XBRL to Corporate Website

Additional Cloud Filing Services


At the center of our operations is our financial reporting and Edgarization team –our conversion services assist companies, compliance professionals and agents in delivering regulatory documents to the market.

As your Edgarization compliance expert – we are here to help you:

  • With industry leading conversion options (HTML, ASCII, PDF, PPT, Excel, Etc.)
  • Prepare and file your EDGAR/SEDAR documents online right the first time
  • Back-up services during peak periods and cyclical deadlines
  • Provide courtesy deadline reminders and rule changes that impact your business
  • Manage multiple projects at once with our workflow enigne.

See for yourself – we offer three clear options in document conversion depending on your needs. The chart below illustrates what our conversion teams will do to each and every document.

  First Pass First Pass + QA Complete
Cover Page As provided X X
TOC As provided X X (Linked)
Page breaks X X X
Signature X X X
Indents (consistent)   X X
Justification   X X
Page Numbers   X X
Table Shading   X X
QA (page for page)   X X
EXhibit List (linked)     X
Build Project   X
Test File     X
Live File   X

Ownership Reporting (Section 16)

Over 80% of SEC documents filed on a daily basis are ownership forms completed on SEC Forms 3, 4, and 5. This is why we built an online filing system to assist corporate professionals in real-time filing directly with the SEC/SEDAR systems 24/7.

Our tab-based ownership web system is quick, easy and the most convenient reporting system available today. It’s not another stand-alone system to pay for. It's completely integrated into our workflow compliance cloud so that you can conveniently jump back and forth from form to form, project to project – saving your progress each time, making the forms available for a later filing date.  You never have to leave the tab-based system to file live with the SEC.

Our features enable you to file with the least time and effort of any other system:

  • Easy to learn
  • Continuously updated with SEC-formats
  • Email distribution with a click of a mouse
  • 24/7 access
  • PDF email proof options
  • Instant connection to the SEC system for both TEST and LIVE submissions
  • Integrated into the Issuer Services Compliance Cloud workflow system.

You complete the form, or you can authorize someone else to hit the FILE button – either way you control the entire process with the comfort of having the Issuer Services Team available 24/7 to help.


"I felt the XBRL access and review process were very easy to use."

Mary Beth - OTCBB listed Company

"Having a dedicated team to walk us through the build process was unbelievably helpful."

Victor - NASDAQ listed Company

"We took advantage of the 30 day grace for our first XBRL - Issuer Services was just amazing!"

Tom - OTCBB listed Company

"Having the Cloud team as my back-up, gives me the peace of mind and confidence knowing the same speed and accuracy with be there."

Kathi - SEC Filing Agent, South Florida

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