What is Issuer Services and the Compliance Cloud?

Issuer Services is a secure community based web system, where filing agents, reporting individuals and public companies interact together in real-time to draft, tag and file all Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR and XBRL documents. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual systems - the Compliance Cloud is the newest social compliance tool powered by Issuer Services.

What can I do on the Compliance Cloud?

Set up EDGAR filings, submit changes, view and approve XBRL documents, create and manage investor relations widgets, distribute news releases, communicate with your constituents and distribute content LIVE 24/7

How Does the Compliance Cloud Work?

Simply create a job, upload your documents and the Compliance Cloud system takes care of the rest. When your proof is ready, you will receive a notification to go to your Compliance Cloud profile to view, collaborate and approve your filing.

How much does the Compliance Cloud cost?

The Compliance Cloud is a filing agent tool provided FREE of charge by Issuer Services - a compliance focused company that's mission is to remove the complexities of financial reporting.

How do I become a member?

The Compliance Cloud is a member based system - you need to be invited to work on the Cloud by either a Filing Agent, an Industry Reseller approved by Issuer Services or a public company that reports to the SEC.

What if my filing agent does not work with the Compliance Cloud?

You can ask them to join, tell them you want to be a part of the cloud. Simply click here to notify them today!


"I felt the XBRL access and review process were very easy to use."

Mary Beth - OTCBB listed Company

"Having a dedicated team to walk us through the build process was unbelievably helpful."

Victor - NASDAQ listed Company

"We took advantage of the 30 day grace for our first XBRL - Issuer Services was just amazing!"

Tom - OTCBB listed Company

"Having the Cloud team as my back-up, gives me the peace of mind and confidence knowing the same speed and accuracy with be there."

Kathi - SEC Filing Agent, South Florida

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